Fight My Monster

As determined by an online survey, fight my monster is considered as the most popular online game among school boys of age around 8-10 years. Reports have shown that more than about 1.3 million players are there from North America and UK alone. An average player spends about 40 minutes for every session approximately. This online game is basically a free card trading game and you can access it from your browser at


You would be very excited to look at the mesmerizing and unique visual elements and cartoon creatures in the game. One can get to see very unique and wonderful visuals, design of the characters, high quality graphics. The basic twist in the game is that each and every card in the game is unique and monsters need to be created by combining the right parts and need to be assembled with the specific attributes.
The appearance of the game is made perfectly appealing to the users. There are mind blowing and numerous graphic designs and all are unique in their own way. Some of the designs include the 3d text design. The typography design, the leaflet design, the questionnaire design and the list goes on. The making of this online flash game includes many flash websites, CSS and html websites, blogs and expert animations.
This game is really very interesting and fun to play. It is both a source of entertainment and a kind of brain teaser as it requires strategic thinking and this improves the children’s thinking ability. There are many different types of fight my monster games which include the arcade games, the educational games and many more. The kids can choose to either accept or deny the battles. This feature enables kids to learn negotiation skills. Kids learn to win over the evil by winning against the monsters.

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